Guiding individuals to RISE to their full potential and thrive in everyday life.

Rise Therapy is a mobile outpatient clinic for individuals across the lifespan, offering outpatient occupational therapy in the comfort of your home, your child's daycare, and other community settings. 
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Welcome to Rise Therapy!

At Rise Therapy, we strive to reduce barriers to participation and provide care in the most natural settings by bringing outpatient therapy to the comfort of your home, your child’s daycare or preschool, and other community settings.

Our goal is to empower children and their families by providing them with tools to optimize independence and development.

Rise Therapy uses a neurodiversity affirming, child led, and strength based approach in their most natural settings to reach their goals, facilitate independence and participation in daily activities.

We invite you to reach out to Rise Therapy today to learn more. We would love the opportunity to work with you.
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Here's what our customers have to say:
“When my son was around 2 months old I noticed he preferred to look one direction and was developing a flat spot on the back of his head. The best decision I made was coming to see Mariah!
He effortlessly looks both ways now and his flat spot has rounded out and does NOT need a helmet to correct his head shape.
I sing Mariah’s praises to anyone who will listen! My family and I are forever grateful.” 
“I started taking my son to Mariah when he was around 6 months old. I noticed he was favoring using one side of his body over the other. He would only roll one direction, would cry if I nursed him on a certain side and when he started eating solids he would only grab with that same side. I wasn’t even sure if I needed to take him in or not. Being a FTM I didn’t know what was normal. Mariah did an eval and noticed he had some tightness on his right side. We then saw her once a week probably four or five times and also taught me how to be intentional with his playing. He is now using both hands and is crawling all over the place thanks to Mariah.
I'm so grateful McCook has this available for the community!”
“My husband and I had serious talks about moving to a bigger city with more access to things like this. One phrase we’ve heard from the experts is “one of these days it’ll just click.”
I can’t tell you how blessed we are to have you on our team. It’s like you’re a detective searching for what’s missing and the knowledge you have blows me away and the activities you come up with to make it fun. It’s all just a along and a true blessing for us.”

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