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What our clients are saying:
“I took my infant son in for torticollis and Mariah did an awesome job working with him! She explained everything she was doing and gave tips and stuff to do at home for him! I loved working with her and she did an awesome job working with my son! He loved working with her!”
“When my son was around 2 months old I noticed he preferred to look one direction and was developing a flat spot on the back of his head. The best decision I made was coming to see Mariah! He effortlessly looks both ways now and his flat spot has rounded out and does NOT need a helmet to correct his head shape. I sing Mariah’s praises to anyone who will listen! My family and I are forever grateful.”
“My husband and I had serious talks about moving to a bigger city with more access to things like this. One phrase we’ve heard from the experts is “one of these days it’ll just click.” I can’t tell you how blessed we are to have you on our team. It’s like you’re a detective searching for what’s missing and the knowledge you have blows me away and the activities you come up with to make it fun. It’s all just a along and a true blessing for us.”
“For all postpartum mamas or soon-to-be postpartum mamas, this was the MOST wonderful thing. The community, support, information, and love that was shared in this little group was amazing.
Mariah is truly the sweetest and most supportive person, and this class led by her is a true reflection of that. She’s helped so many women process and navigate life after having a baby.
Postpartum is HARD. Really, really hard. But having a community of like-minded women that are in a similar point of life sharing stories, advice, and support is truly just what a mama needs.”

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