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Pre-Frenectomy Treatment and Post-Frenectomy Treatment in McCook, Ne

At Rise Therapy, we offer both Pre-Frenectomy and Post-Frenectomy Treatment.

We offer individualized assessment of oral dysfunction/restrictions and provide treatment prior to frenectomy as well as follow up treatment to ensure optimal oral function.

For Pre-Frenectomy, our services include identifying oral restrictions, improving jaw range of motion and stiffness, preparing tissues for release, separation of tongue from floor of mouth, improving strength, motion, and endurance of the tongue, jaw, lips, cheeks.

Our Post-Frenectomy treatments include Assisting with wound care and management, optimizing body movements to keep wound open, optimizing tongue position and optimal oral function, proprioception of tongue position in space, alleviating oral dysfunction to optimize feeding, oral motor skills, and oral rest posture.

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